Int. Artists

1. Dermatologist Artist's license from their country of origin and / or state (If the State or Country does not issue licenses for dermatologist artist, it is corroborated with the laws and regulations thereof, also the Division communicates with the respective agencies to see if they have a permit similar to what is required, the promoter and / or person in charge of the event will have to notify it, so that the Division can say that it would then expire instead of that document.)

2. Certificate of Blood Bourne Pathogens (Blood Pathogens) with current date.

3. Identification with valid photo and / or valid passport.

4. Application

5. Certificate of Vaccination against Hepatitis B or Release of Responsibility to the Department of Health (If the artist does not have a Certificate of Vaccination against Hepatitis B, he is presented the same day of the convention a release of responsibility. (This relay was created according to a determination of the Office of Legal Advisors.)

6. Payment of $ 30.00


Local Artists

The Regulation of the Secretary of Health no. 118, Article 20 provides;

Article 20. SPECIAL PERMIT "Special permission may be granted to perform tattoos in conventions, shopping centers or other public place. The Assistant Secretary may grant this temporary permit only to those tattoo studios and (or) artists previously licensed by the Department of Health. The sanitary and safety regulations provided in this Regulation will be observed.

1. Current Dermatologist Artist License

2. Current Health Certificate

3. Certificate of Vaccination against Hepatitis B.

4. Identification with valid photo and / or valid passport.

5. Application for Special Permit

6. Payment of $ 30.00